Summer Solstice Beatdown

Tomorrow welcomes the first full day of summer and what better way to ring that in than a bunch of NASCAR style laps around the OPES parking lot (to honor our brother Heehaw who posted at an AO in NASCAR and horse racing country) mixed with a variety of body weight exercises.



SSHs, Jeff Imperial Walkers, LBACs, Moroccan Nightclubs, Don Quixote, Weed Pickers, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers

The Thang-

Slowsie to drop-off pillars, bear crawl from end to end, lap around, 5 burpees, curb merkins, crawl bear from pillar to pillar, lap, crawl bear, 5 burpees, American hammers, Rosalita, LBCs, Peter Parker crawl pillar to pillar, lap around, bench work (smokehouse minus LBCs), 4 burpees, flutter kicks, big boy sit-ups, lap around, 3 burpees, Carolina drydocks, Derkins, Werkins, lap around, 2 burpees, Parker Peter, Peter Parker, mountain climbers, lap around, 1 burpee, Justice League for 3 rounds, lap around and meet at endex for 10 minute yoga beatdown.

COT, countorama, nameorama, announcement- the M and I are building a house and would like to welcome any PAX, friends and family to come and write scripture on the framing and inside OSB before we start hanging sheet rock (we plan don doing that this Saturday after the beatdown).

Praise to Labrat’s 2.0’s prognosis.


The M has been doing a 3 mile run/walk almost every morning and devoting the last mile to prayer and meditation. She said she started seeing a red cardinal almost every morning and was reminded that there is a spiritual correlation to seeing cardinals, so we looked it up. It turns out that cardinals are faithful and mate for life, and also that Christians believe that the cardinal is a sign of the Holy Spirit, that HE is with you. Since we Googled this, YHC has seen and heard cardinals every day. This morning, I broke from me time and did something that I don’t take the time to do often. This morning, I spent devotional time and laid it all out to God. I acknowledge that I don’t live a life that is centered on HIS presence and don’t love others like Jesus loves. I know that HE is present but I have become complacent in me and not HIM. I am a living shell. On the outside, I may look like I’m a Christian, but on the inside, I’m just a carbon based life form. It is time to change that and go back to who HE made me to be.

A friend went to the memorial service of the couple who were killed in the car crash on Ocean Boulevard at the beginning of the month. He said that the husband, who survived a brain tumor had just spoken to the congregation a few weeks earlier and said that his survival from the tumor was a sign from God that it wasn’t his time. That he was meant for something more. We never know when that time is. Maybe God used that as a lesson for others. It’s hard to say. It’s better to put on the Full Armor and prepare for battle than to live inside our shells.

Love to all.


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