The DERKINS are coming!

It was a cool crisp morning, 80 degrees with a light and variable breeze out of the west, at least 1-2mph. 5 pax in attendance: loveseat, war chicken, labrat, rosebud, and yhc.

Disclaimer, warmup: mosey to end of pier, lbac f/r, leg stretches, merkins, mosey to Mallery.

at Mallery: 5 alternating sets of 5 reps pull-ups and 10 reps derkins.  Scissors x20, crunchy worms x15. Various Hip stretches. Mosey to picnic table beside tennis quarts.

at table: 2 alternating sets of 20 tempo dips, 15 tempo derkins. Mosey to basketball court.

at court: 10 straight leg tempo sit-ups. Suicides. Mosey to halfshell.

at half shell: 100 derkins OYO.  Think a single man Dora, because you had to split it up and take a jog every few reps to keep from burning out.

Mosey to cars.

Counting, names, COT.

To end I must say, never in my life did I think I would be a part of a men’s workout that ended with the vibrant discussion of the perks of minivan ownership, their handling ability, and how awesome the sound system of a Honda Odyssey may be. My how times have changed.

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