Sandbagging It

This morning we welcomed a FNG and two PAX from Macon and Sandy Springs for a resistance based beatdown centered around the flagpole.


15 SSH, Don Quixote, weed pickers, Imperial (Jeff) Walkers, Hillbillies (aka Heehaws)

The Thang-

Partner work with sandbags tethered together in a circle. One partner worked sandbag while the other did cardio (consisting of plankjacks, mountain climbers, mosey). The sandbag work consisted of squats, overhead press, curl, bent over row, straight leg deadlift, triceps extensions, etc.

Human centipede carry of tethered sandbags around and through the picnic area and back to the flagpole for lunges.

Finished with yoga.


Named FNG Bob the Builder

Announcements-Manna House

Prayer concerns/praise

Heartbreaker’s daughter, Heehaw thanks for praying for his family

Per Heehaw, the 9 sandbags totaled 460#


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