I may tear my sack

Footloose, loveseat, uptowngirl, rosebud, blackcherry, judgejudy, moonshine, Siri, stitches, pearlman, TC, and yHC showed up, we will jus leave it at that, we all showed up. Pretty pitiful group, seriously.

warmup- huggers, Jamaican nightclubs, Moroccan nightclubs, merkins, can-cans.

mosey to Ssumc. agility drills, partner up, suicides while partner does merkins, switch.

Mosey to Mallery basketball court. 5 helpabrotherups. Switch.

Mosey to Mallery baseball fields. Two one minute circuits of wall climbers. I will note that half of the pax refused to participate. I won’t name names, but what a bunch of nancies. Loveseat had the excuse that he was fearful of a torn nutsack. I can’t make this up.

mosey to inside of baseball field. 3 rounds of sprints between the poles with the following exercises at each end: low squat pull-ups, some weird squat variation (from South Carolina), heels to heavens, Carolina dry dicks, Bobby Hurley’s, gymnast abs.

mosey to closest stop sign. We then ran to every mailbox in the way back and admired them with 10 squats each.

Mosey to pier. Waited on 6 with merkin wave. Smokehouse.

mosey to flagpole, Merkin wave.

Mosey to picnic area. 5 step overs with 5 merkins after each half.

Mosey back to flagpole.

Welcome pearlman.

Cot. prayer.




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