Tour de Commons

18 mighty fine souls posted for an off-campus excursion today at Renegade.

The Thang

Mosey to Commons entrance

Stop to plank, then continue on to Barracks West (see below)


  • SSH x 15
  • Hallelujah squats x 15
  • Wide arms x 10
  • Barishnikovs x 8 each leg
  • Dollys x 10
  • Peter Parkers x 10
  • Parker Peters x 10

Partner work round 1: carry around the circle, alternating as needed

Partner work round 2: fast mosey with patty cake merkins at three stops


  • LBCs x 20
  • Rosalitas x 20
  • Freddie Mercurys x 15
  • Protractor

Mosey part the way home, pause for some lunges, then AYG back to base

Naked Man Moleskin

1.7 miles on my tracker is some good cardio mixed in with strength work.  Hope everyone embraced the suck

Welcome to FNG Roadkill.  Hope you love your name because it’s now your only identity at F3.  Good luck at your event on Saturday and we’ll see you back out there next week

Kudos to Yogi Bear and Brick Cake for putting in extra work and doing a second lap on partner carries.  Misunderstood? Showing off? Just pushing themselves harder?  Whichever – good work!

Clements Circle in the Commons seems to be a useful new parcel of space to administer a beating.  Future Qs take note.  Since it’s the home base for a slew of our Pax, let’s call it Barracks West.  Colley Lane on the other side of the neighborhood can be Barracks East

Announcements/Prayer Requests

Happy Birthday to Lab Rat!

That’s all folks,

Cow Tipper


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