Beach and Boulders

4 pax awaited us as D2, Billy Blanks, and I finished our early morning ruck at our AO on Saturday morning. I had an inkling that we may pick up a couple more if we warmed up at the cars – sure enough, Lab Rat, Anime, Mrs Howell, and finally BlackBerry decided to join us and we were off to the beach.

I had planned to have some fun with sandbags on the beach, but since I don’t have any and no one brought any, we went with beach rocks instead. Looked for something weighing 20-30 lbs.

The thang-

Warmup 1 – SSH, Jeff Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers (apparently too fast for some).

Mosey down beach to where we’d have some room. This was a challenge for several pax who were wearing rucks.

Warmup 2 –  get in tight circle, take off Rucks, spread the rucks around the circle, then:

Overhead ruck pass

Plank bag pass

High knees ruck pass

This turned out a wee bit easier than I’d planned, but we made up for it later.

Boulder toss with partner – partner 1 tosses then does 5 merkins, meanwhile partner 2 tosses then does 5 merkins, repeat for approximately 150 yards up the beach.

Tunnel of love – all pax line up shoulder to shoulder and planks with butt in the air (like when doing Carolina dry docks).  Last pax in row crawls through tunnel and gets back in position at the end. Repeat until everyone has crawled through twice. This was a favorite of Heart Breaker’s.  Meanwhile, Billy Blanks was about to fall out holding that butt-up plank with his ruck on – glad we didn’t lose him.

Back to partner work with our rocks.


100 side to side boulder Push press, switching shoulders each rep

200 Weighted Step lunges

150 weighted big boy sit-ups

150 weighted squats

We finally put up all the rocks except one, then lined up in a tight line, with the front man holding the rock.  Front man heaved rock, then ran to back of line.  The next man runs to pick up rock (with line following him) and quickly heaves it – rinse and repeat through all pax. We did that modified Indian run all the way back down the beach. Worked pretty well as the line kept a consistent mosey.

Announcements and COT


  • D2 raising money to send needy kids to movies this summer
  • Heart Breaker leading help effort for local lady who cuts hair at Vann‘ fox her rental house up so she can rent it out and help pay her husbands medical bills
  • Siri looking for help after Memorial Day workout setting up chairs at pier. He needed contact name, so we have him Heehaw as we figured he’d Q the murph that day. Moving workout to 7am since it’s a holiday and to make it easy to help the vets out out chairs.

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