puddle of piss

Alternate title: watch boat, hold boat

Seven pax joined in the gloom this morning. Weather was perfect. Pax were ready to work.

Warmup – SSH, weedpickers, Jeff imperial walkers, side lunges

moseyed to pier – incline planked on benches and plank walked down the benches and back, interspersed with about 50 incline merkins along the way.

moseyed to end of pier. Circled up and held the people’s chair (it is it al gore?) while each pax did 10 squats in turn. Same with holding boat while each pax did 10 crunchy frogs. Finally, same with holding plank and each pax doing 10 merkins in turn. BlackBerry kept complaining of lying in a puddle of piss the whole time – not sure why he didn’t move though.

moseyed to playground.  10 pull-ups, 25 dips, 8 pull-ups, 20 dips.  Took a break to hold boat while watching a giant container ship pass by, then 5 pull-ups and 15 dips.

Moseyed to Methodist church.  Did DB footwork drills across parking lot, then 20 4-count American hammers.

moseyed to parking lot back at pier.  Squat suicides (10 at each tree in parking lot), then merkin suicides (10 at each tree).

COT, prayer for Lab Rat’s job application.  Also, Dodgeball reminded us that leadership/discipleship training for leading small groups is about to kick off at community church (but open to all).



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