We got Jacked this morning.

We started the morning in a frenzy because our almighty Q @heehaw1 chose to fartsack.  He says it was worth it, and we may agree, but today’s Q got everyone JACKED, especially @loveseat.  YHC was overwhelmed with the 15 who showed up expecting @heehaw1. I have never had that many in attendance, personally.  Maybe more people show up when the Q who signed up is a bit “softer.” Who knows?

Conditions were a perfect 68 degrees with a light breeze.  I won’t attempt to name everyone here, I’m not that good, and again, not used to such high numbers.

Warmup: Huggers, LBAC, Don Quixote, Squat Jumps.

Mosey to Roundabout.

At roundabout complete the exercises in cadence, then sprint a lap around the circle.

  1. Merkins x15 – LAP
  2. Lounges Front/Back X12 (R) – LAP
  3. Lounges Front/Back X12 (L) – LAP
  4. LBCs (legs extended) X20 – LAP
  5. 180 Jump Squats X12 (L) – LAP
  6. 180 Jump Squats X 12 (R) – LAP
  7. Chuck Norris Merkins X12 – LAP
  8. Fireman’s Carry around Circle – best comment of the day was when @loveseat spoke (out loud) to his partner @uptowngirl “now where do I put my head.” I won’t mention the response from @uptowngirl…mainly because I don’t know what it was and I’m not sure I want to.
  9. LBCs (legs extended with feet stacked) X25 – LAP
  10. Butt-Ups (Heals to Heaven) X25

Mosey back to OPES.

We ended with a Plank Jack-Off.  Use your imagination.  Everyone was a winner.  Form was questionable for some, it was downright awkward for others, but again, everyone was a winner, especially @loveseat.  He lasted the longest…and seemed to really enjoy his victory.  He is officially the [plank] Jack-Off King – it is already nantan approved.

Ended with COT, announcements, prayer requests, BOT.




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