Side Straddle Hops

Great workout with great men.  Light warm-up of baby arm circles, squats, 55 side straddle hops (4 count), and 20 Merkins (4 count).  Light jog along road to bus lanes where we broke into teams of 2 and finished (partially) 100 Merkins (4 count), 200 crunches, and 300 squats.  Ran back to front of school and finished a single set of 101 side straddle hops in honor of Leon Bodie.

Leon and I served together with 2nd Battalion 3rd Marine Division in the 90’s.  Leon has been battling pancreatic cancer, and recently received some bad news from his oncologist.  The slight discomfort of doing a few extra side straddle hops is a blessing compared to the physical pain that some are suffering.

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