The Chelsea.

Why name a workout after a woman? Anything that leaves you on your back, panting for air, confused as to why you came, and utterly destroyed deserves a female name.


We had a good number of pax come out to our pier aoq this morning. I didn’t do a fancy video like @heehaw or @woz so I have no idea who all showed up. In an effort to leave no one out I will leave everyone out, except for our FNG, Brexit. He was definitely there.

We quickly departed the AOQ and moseyed to the ss elem playground. Did some lbac and a few leg stretches.

the thang:

EMOM- 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 air squats. We did that circuit for 26 minutes, then walked a lap around the track, then finished the final 4 minutes. We had a few good quotes from @labrat’s 2.0s during the thang: “this is terrible, can’t we do some burpees?” And “i can’t do any more pushups, I’m officially a girl.”

Mosey to ssumc parking lot: flutter kicks x 21, dolly x 20. Mosey to flag pole, countarama, namearama, BOT.


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