Respect thou Elders

I took over Milkbones Q late last night, so decided to use the bulk of one of my previous Ironman Q’s, A. because I am lazy and B. because last time it hurt. The weather was great, and there was minimal chatter, other than Loveseats constant reminder of how the Elf on the Shelf inventor has ruined X-mas (yes, I know its March). Impressive that Mrs. Howell made it out there, despite being woken up throughout the night with noise and vibrations from the road construction outside of his S/D. Oh, and Payday snuck up on the group from the woods like a creeper. Heres the Thang:

Slowsy (it is Ironman after all) around 1/2 of the circle – stopped for some SSH and some Jeff Imperial Walkers. Slowsy back to the weights at the front of the church, perform a round of some ATMS.

All of these exercises, in no particular order, some IC and some OYO, varying counts, all with weights/ruck:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Ruck Press from 6 while holding 30″
  • Overhead Weighted Situps
  • Zercher Squat
  • Weighted overhead walking lunge (forward & backward)
  • Curls
  • Eagles Wings

Took a break on the wall, holding wall sit, performing wonder bras, baby arm circles and Moroccan night clubs. Back to the weights:

  • American Hammers (these sucked)
  • Ruck V-Ups (also sucked)
  • Elf on the Shelf, each arm
  • Bentover Rows
  • ‘The Granny’ – same concept as the Get-Up

Took a break doing a modified version of Loveseats Death March: Make way around the small circle and back to the weights doing 5 lunges, then 3 squats, 5 lunges, 3 squats, etc etc etc etc, back to weights for another round of some of the following exercises:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Ruck Press from 30″
  • Overhead Weighted Situps
  • Curls
  • Eagle Wings
  • American Hammers
  • V-Ups
  • Elf on the Shelf
  • Rows

Finished up with Loveseats favorite, 20 Monkey Humpers IC (ouchies)


Everyone straight put out this morning. Had a fantastic Display with 3 people earning respect (over 50) and with the Q clearly being the war baby in this group. Good work gents.


No announcements, only prayer was for War Chicken to successfully help a family member move up in ATL this upcoming weekend (hopefully all of his training has paid off) – he’s also accepting volunteers to help make the trip up there to help.





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