6 pax met in the gloom this morning (though we did miss Bearded Millenial and Heehaw, who had made noise about coming this morning).  We came to better ourselves, and what better way to begin the week then to seek absolution for our misdeeds.  This workout was a trial by fire, at least for our shoulders.

When flipping through the Exicon (list of F3 exercise names on F3 nation) last night, I found a new exercise I’d never done – the 8-count Absolution (link to official description).  It’s a combination groiner, Makhtar N’diaye, and Chilly Jack.

We did sets of absolutions, a bunch of types of merkins, and ab work at different locations around the pier.

the Thang

Warmup – SSH, weedpickers, Jeff imperial walkers, all 15x in cadence.

10x 8-count absolutions, 15 Chuck Norris merkins, 15 diamond merkins, 15 clap merkins.

indian run down butler.

10x 8 count absolutions, 25 4-count flutter kicks, 15 mismatch merkins (right arm up by your head left arm down by body), 15 mismatch flap jacked, 15 ranger merkins.

indian run back down butler

15 curb merkins right arm up, 15 curb merkins left arm up, 15 decline merkins. 10x absolutions. 25x Dolly’s and rosalitas.  25x American hammers. slowzy to sunken living room.

15 balls to wall merkins, 15 incline merkins, 15 party cake merkins with partner.

slowly to flag.  5x absolutions. 15x oblique crunched each side.  15 hand release merkins, 15 dry docks, 15 wide merkins.

COT – prayers for Labrat job situation and baby that won’t sleep.

Naked man moleskin

Enjoyed the time this morning – a lot of hard work was done, and we did 15 types of merkins which has to be some sort of record.

It seems that Blackberry, spurred on by Dodgeball, is attempting a gradual name change to Black Cherry.  I think Dodgeball has ulterior motives and is jonesing for his own name change.  I have no problem with official name changes, but we can’t let chaos rule.

See y’all in the gloom.




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