Killing me softly

10 Hims did 30min of HIIT. @heartbreaker, @yogibear, @charmin, @payday, @labrat, @siri, @blackcherry, @warchicken, @rosebud and YHC.

warmup- lap, lbac x30, 5 burpees, windmill 10x, weed pick, lap.

the Thang-

all intervals start with exercise then 30sec of ssh, last is hard rest for 30sec

Air squats
Jump Squats
Full tuck crunch
Forward back lunge
Kneel to high skip
Freddy Mercuries
Scissor bridge (keep straight leg up) do 5 then alternate
Swimmers plank
Taint tickler squats
Alternating 90degree toe touch crunch
Lateral lunges
Decline merkins
Speed skaters
Vertical leg lifts (abs at 90degree)
Peter Parker’s
Dive bombers
Hydraulic Squats
Imperial kneelers
Merkins till we bust

as we worked we were serenaded by Lauren hill and the Fugees. Great times great work, all in 30min

end BOT.



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