The Sun Does Shine…

…Though not in the gloom of the portico at SSCC this morning.  I’ll explain the significance of the title at the end.

Six pax and a tardy blackberry met in the gloom to better ourselves. Mumblechatter was at a minimum as we had serious work to do – 9 sets consisting of four exercises of 30 reps. One chest, one arm/back, one leg, one ab (at least after the warmup).  4 minutes per set, rest while I describe the next set. Plank if you get finished with a set before 4 minutes.  All OYO after the warmup.

Warmup – 30 SSH (15 IC), 30 Jeff imperial walkers (15 IC), 30 weed pickers IC, 30 monkey humpers (15 IC)

30 merkins, 30 squats, 30 tricep extension, 30 American hammers (2-count)

30 incline merkins, 30 step ups, 30 dips, 30 crunchy frogs

30 decline merkins, 30 Bonnie Blair’s, 30 curls, 30 WWI sit-ups

30 Carolina dry docks, 30 kettle bell swings, 30 eagle wings, 30 flutter kicks 2-count

30 decline shoulder taps (2 count), 30 rocky balboas 2-count, 30 bent over rows, 30 dollys 

30 Uneven merkins (15 each side), 30 Romanian squats (15 each side), 30 lawn mower pulls (15 each side), 30 star legs (15 each side)

30 diamond merkins, 30 smurf jacks, 30 plank jacks, 30 Rosalitas

30 wide merkins, 30 wojos, 30 overhead lifts, 30 LBCs

Naked man moleskin

This workout was to honor a guy I read about in a book called The Sun Does Shine – Anthony Ray Hinton – a true HIM (High Impact Man for those that don’t know – high praise in F3 lexicon).

  • Spent 30 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, all in a 5×7 cell (that’s the 30 reps we did of each exercise, in a similar space that you worked out in today)
  • Hinton took it as his duty to bring light to death row – his first three years he was overcome with rage and depression, but he felt like God was telling him he had a choice even in his circumstances on how he was going to live. Over the next 27 years he befriended and showed grace and love to countless others.
  • The man that eventually helped get him exonerated is an attorney named Bryan Stevenson. He has helped hundreds of people prove their innocence – nationwide there has been a demonstrated ratio of 1 person exonerated from death row for every 9 men executed.  I don’t care what you believe about the death penalty, that ratio sucks.  That was the significance of the 9 sets we did.
  • One other thing I thought was awesome – Anthony Ran Hinton’s best friend Lester (and often Lester’s wife) drove 3 hours each way to visit him every week for 30 years – never missed a week. That’s a true friend that knows what it means to lock shields together.

Announcements – prayed for Warchicken’s buddy Lee and Paydays’s friend Shannon, along with praise for Udub’s test results.


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