Happy Birthday F3 SSI

Happy Birthday F3 SSI and Happy Mardi Gras to those of you scoring at home.

**Les Bone Temps Rouler**

It was a brisk 47 out but despite the fact there was rain all around us, there was none at SSCC – coincidence??

14 HIM came out to gulp down the DRP, so we got after it.

Disclaimer – scuttlebutt and then the warm up

WARM UP: Side Straddle Hop, Arm Circles (F&B), with arms still out we did some tempo squats – the PAX really liked these, and we finished up with some Weed-pickers.  About this time BlackBerry/BlackCheery arrive so it was time to begin the Thang.


Since F3 SSI was 3 today, the celebration committee decided that it would be a great idea to emphasize the #3.  Therefore we did 5 different sets of exercises, 3 exercises in each set, all exercises were in-cadence, 8 reps per exercise, 3 rounds in each set of exercises.

SET1: Welcome to the Jungle Set – Weighted Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Crunch X3

SET 2: Beach Muscle Set – Weighted Curl, Chair Dips, American Hammer X3

SET 3: Here We Go Again Set – Weighted Thruster, Merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups – rotated around teh circle for this to “try out” different coupons X3

SET 4: Curves Advanced Class Set – Weighted/Unweighted Lunge, Pullover, Peter Parker/Parker Peter (alternated on rotations) X3

SET 5: Flight Training – Gorilla/Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pounders, Pickle Pointers X3

Todays Playlist:

UptownGirl (of Course), Welcome to the Jungle, Thunder, Are you gonna go my way, Bang Bang, Fly Me to the Moon, CrazyTrain, ThunderStruck

Naked Man Moleskin:

I want to thank Cowtipper for bringing F3 to the island over three years ago (more about that in the newsletter) and HeeHaw for helping to grow it during his time as Nantan.  I want to also thank Woz and Milkbone for being a PITA to me for a long time and eventually getting me to post.  F3 has made a great positive change in my life.  Happy Birthday F3 SSI.

Now, put the Kleenex away, here are my lesser observations: I think DodgeBall grabbed my ankle during flight training set (disturbing…).  Butterfinger has the BEST coupon ever, a Boat Anchor. Seuss always tries to throw the count off – just beware future Qs (devious).  LabRat has a new streak going (Monday & Tuesday) after breaking his streak on Saturday.  See you Thursday LabRat.  We have the best AOs.  All have easy workout areas in the event of rain.  Not needed today but just great.






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