5, 6, 7, 8….for AMRAP

With BM passing the Q baton to me for Jailbreak, I laid out my clothes on Sunday night in anticipation of my first Q in over a month.  Monday morning brought a cooler than expected 48 degrees outside, so a last minute sweatshirt was thought to be necessary.  We warmed up pretty quickly though…..
5 Men gathered in the gloom to kick off their week….
At 5:30, we started with the Disclaimer and headed off on the mosey, meeting Cher and Lab Rat as they came around the corner.
Now 7 men moseyed around Brogens and Barbara Jeans, back into the Village Parking lot and into the sunken living room for 10 SSH
As we finished the warmup, Blackberry arrived and 8 men completed the following –
The Thang
    15 reps of each, as many as cycles as possible in 15 minutes
    Side Straddle Hops
    Bobby Hurleys
    Big Boy Situps
Mosey out of the casino, around the parking lot and back to the sunken living room
AMRAP (continued)
     10 reps of each, as many as cycles as possible in 15 minutes
    ‘Jeff’ Imperial Walkers
    Carolina Drydocks
    2 count lunges
    2 count flutter kicks
    Dodgeball kicks off the F3 Week on Saturday – See mumblechatter for details
    Manna House on Saturday – see D2 for details
    Lab Rat’s employment efforts
Naked Man Moleskin
It has been a few weeks since I have last Q’d, so I wanted to insure that I could actually do the Q, but still challenge the PAX.  AMRAP was the answer.  YHC did not bring music to entertain the masses, so Dodgeball, Blackberry and Uptown Girl each took turns leading us with their funky beats on the metal drain covers as they worked out.  All in all, an effectively simple workout.  Many thanks to the Monday 8 who beat the fartsack to support your fellow men.

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