BM Memorial Weird Ass workout

I went to bed last night with a spring in my step and anticipation in my heart – BM was going to Q a killer workout in the morning and it was gonna be awesome. I awoke to a text from him that he was sick and asking if I could fill in. He even sent his Weinke, so how could I refuse?  Especially because I recruited him to Q on Monday’s Jailbreak workout instead.

So out of the gloom stepped 15 brave pax. I resolved that i was going to try my best to interpret BM’s chicken scratch and lead his inspired workout in his absence.  We got after it.

The Thang

Station 1 (all in cadence) – hydraulic squats (squat down, lift left leg up and down, lift right leg up and down, stand up), Side Straddle Hop, curb merkin smoke house (14 left hand up, 14 incline, 14 right hand up, 14 decline), rocky balboas, wall squats while doing wonder bras, arm circles, and Moroccan night clubs.  Started hearing some curses from pax with the wall squats – this is where I started promising beers on BM tonight.

mosey long way to road, plank on 6

station 2 – ATM (15 in cadence alternating shoulder taps, 10X tempo merkins, 10X OYO merkins).  Captain Thor (1 to 4 ratio of big boy sit-ups to American hammers, laddering from 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, etc. all the way to 10:40).  The military guys (snowball and yogi bear) kept me going on captain thor – they were so excited.  Must have hit an endorphin high.

mosey back to startex, plank on 6.

station 3 – Dora 123 (100 2-count Freddy mercurys, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks)  while partner does 15x dips each round.  I thought this was gonna be a lot weirder than it turned out.  I think our Clydesdale pax (as opposed to our mustang pax) appreciated the lack of running on this.  Plank on 6 and did some different plank exercises while waiting. Finished up with 10 burpees and a 20 yard crab walk, plank on 6 again.  Yogi Bear kindly reminded some of our newer brethren that we were planking while waiting on their lollygaggling.

COT – prayers for Lab Rats church friends family and friends after his death, Udub cancer, Oglethorpe gym teachers wife’s cancer.

Naked man moleskin –

Great turnout this morning. Love seeing all the new faces continue to turn out – keep it going.  Saw some guys really pushing themselves hard.

My M is reading a book about creating habits – she told me the other day that goals don’t matter nearly as much as systems. You need to set yourself up to be successful – if you want to get in shape you need to get in the habit of putting your shoes and workout clothes outside your bedroom door every night and commit to showing up regularly. Doesn’t matter how you feel, you do it. Every decision matters – you’re taking one step toward your future self no matter what. Circumstances sometimes dictate us moving off our plan (you get sick, kids sick, etc), but you make 2 or 3 decisions in a row due to circumstances and now you’re just starting a bad habit.

I saw a lot of pax this morning take a step towards becoming the kind of man we all want to be.  Physically fit so we can be there for our families, but also in fellowship with other men so we can be there for each other when times are tough.

That’s my Tony Robbins moment.  Grateful for another morning in the gloom.


One thought on “BM Memorial Weird Ass workout

  1. Great message on systems. The clothes laid out the night before is so true for me. I always tell people that if you leave the decision on whether to post to that 5:00 AM alarm, you’re destined to fail. You have to make up your mind the night before i.e. lay out your workout clothes


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