AMRAP for Cupid

Yesterday I was sitting around yesterday at Glynn Middle School watching my daughter’s soccer team crush their competition.  (Yes, I said crush, they 10-0 mercy rule ended the game early).  Just minding my own business when @snowball0302 lights up the mumblechatter on Slack with an invitation to Q Renegade.   Just on the drive over to GMS, I said a little prayer in my truck, “God, help me to not take on any more stuff right now, I’m feeling pretty stressed”.   I watched and waited, with full assurance that @beardedmillennial would RSVP, that is, if @geico1 didn’t beat him to the punch… but no such luck.

Drove from game to Wesley UMC where I was the piano man for their Valentines dinner and just before going into the event, I could hear crickets chirping from the silence in mumblechatter.   Somehow in the insanity of mind, I found myself accepting the Q.   With very little time to plan I started adding up intervals in my mind while playing tunes on the piano for the Wesley guests.   I hadn’t Q’d since my VQ on my birthday, November 6.

I like intervals and I like AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible.    I like it because it mixes things up and it makes every man against himself.    Because @milkbonedla reminded me back in November, “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it”, I wasn’t about to break down some massive 500 merkin challenge, because I can’t do that.  So I came up with my own interval-based workout with AMRAP so everyone could push themselves as hard as they could.

Fifteen PAX braved the gloom and the 40 degree cool air to challenge themselves and one another, INCLUDING several of the FNGs from earlier this week who made the wise choice to push through the mental battle of getting up this early, driving over the bridge, and taking the red pill.

In Attendance:

  1. Lab Rat
  2. Loveseat
  3. Heart Breaker
  4. Yogi Bear
  5. Payday
  6. Stitches
  7. Blackberry
  8. Luck Charms
  9. Radioshack
  10. Siri (FNG – Chad Goehring)
  11. War Chicken
  12. Brick Cake
  13. Hershey
  14. Snowball
  15. Fidget Spinner


  • 25 SSH
  • Weed Pickers – slow cadence to be intentional with the stretch on a cold 40 degree morning
  • tempo squats
  • LBACs

The Workout – AMRAP for Cupid

Simple interval-based workout.

1:00 on the clock with :30 recovery to breathe and prepare for next exercise.  Push to do as many reps as you can before the buzzer.

  • burpees
  • air squats
  • tricep dips on benches
  • plyo box jumps on benches (several of us modified with step ups)
  • LBCs
  • mosey around the parking lot

Rinse and repeat 3x.

Bridge run this Saturday.  Tim Carlson leading the beatdown.
Happy Hour @ HQ today  –  despite it being Valentines Day, keeping our priorities in order?

Lucky Charms has a friend who had gall bladder surgery complications.

Wrapped up about 5 minutes early for 707 leaders/drivers (of which I was one today)




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