Trip down memory lane

The PAX could thank Loveseat for brining up a past beatdown I Q’d.  Well, I tend to do the same type beatdowns because I’m a firm believer of K.I.S.S.  (Keep it simple stupid) and I was a card carrying member of the KISS Army in my formative years.

COP: consisted of some Side Straddle Hops, Weed Pickers, and the like.

I informed the PAX of our first beatdown… my version of the Burpee Mile.  10 Burpees, run a tenth of a mile, and repeat until you cover a mile and knock out a hundred burpees!  Simple and effective.  The PAX pushed hard and we had a surprise around the half mile marker….  We stopped off at the tennis courts at Mallery for some air squat suicides.  YAY!  Next up hit Balls to the Wall for some alternating shoulder taps in cadence.

We finished up our mile’s worth of 100 burpees back at the casino.

We were joined at this point by U-Dub (Tim Carlson).

I almost thought i saw a single abdominal muscle in the mirror this fine morning, so I figured we needed to get those badboys popping.   Partnered up for some AB Dora… 150 WW2 Sit-ups, 100 Crunchy Frogs, 50 2-count American Hammers… non-working pax runs from Cedar Tree around Flag and back.

Next up… we ended the beatdown with a step-up / Merkin AMRAP of 10 each for the balance.


Pledge of Allegiance

Count-a-roma, Name-a-roma and welcomed FNG Jay Cousin ie. T.C. and since he had to leave early, the first time he posted, I informed him he already had a name and we welcomed U-Dub (Ultimate Warrior) Tim Carlson into the PAX.

U-Dub shared what F3 has done for him….  He doesn’t know a lot of the PAX, but he knows that we have been diligently praying for his recovery and battle with multiple myeloma cancer.  He said our prayers turned into text, that turned into calls, that turned into visits.  He said this is the new normal, and he’s ok with that, but he has a plan… and that plan is to defeat the enemy. period.   One of the more powerful things he shared was that as men, we need to check out egos.   Example… a buddy calls and ask how he was doing, and He’d say Fine!  and then go get sick….. after a while he realized, that he needed to check his ego and ask for help… bring a gatorade or powerade, maybe help me up, etc….   Just a couple of minutes listening to his TESTimony, and the PAX was rocked!   Truly an inspiration. Like U-Dub says, you first have to be TESTED to have a Testimony!.  He has some more test in early March and a consult March 11th.  We will continue targeted prayers for him!

Mrs Howell – work project

Loveshack – Love ya bro… big prayers around you and family.




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