Comeback Tour

7 fellow pax decided to meet me (literally, meet me for the first time for Organ Donor and Hershey) this AM for a good ole fashion weighted beatdown. It was also the first time that me and Fidget Spinner got to experience some 1F instead of the normal 2F. Good times. With it being Ironman, I stayed true to the no running concept, however, I did do my best to bring it hard, with a weight in our hands for about 95% of the workout.

Started out with some SSH followed by some ATM’s go get warmed up.

The Thang: 2 Rounds.

  1. The ‘Granny’ with a Shoulder Press OYO x 10
  2. Bent Rows IC x 15
  3. Elf on the Shelf OYO x 10 with each arm
  4. Ruck V-Ups IC x 15
  5. American Hammers IC x 10
  6. Ruck Overhead Flutterkicks IC x 15
  7. Curls for the Girls (aka Heehaw) IC x 15
  8. Zercher Squat IC x 15
  9. Ruck Overhead Walking Lunge OYO x 10 Each Leg (Lunge Front/Lunge Back = 1 Ct)
  10. Front Squat & Press IC x 15
  11. Overhead Weighted Situps IC x 15
  12. Ruck Press on Ground, While Holding 6″ IC x 10 (actually while holding about 30 degrees)
  13. Shoulder Press IC x 15

Loveseat’s Death March but Modified (he didn’t even know that he coined the movement): 4 Lunges, 4 Squats — until we made it around the small circle and back to the rucks.

This Completed Round 1.


Only change to the second round was that we only did 5 2-ct lunges per leg, per Milkbone’s Request (which we gladly entertained)


Closing Notes:

It was great being back out there, in the gloom, with the pax, some old and some new. There was virtually ZERO mumblechatter this morning, I’ll take that as a sign that everyone was putting out…Other than Loveseat saying that it was time to end the workout, however, I thought he was just being weak and complaining, so we went another 5 or so minutes, until Milkbone informed me that we had actually already exceeded the 45 minutes. Im glad yall said something, cause I was going til 6:30, or until my body gave out first (we all know the outcome of that battle). Thanks to Cowtipper for pushing me to Sign up to Q (no really, he was relentless and physically abused be) and to Loveseat’s Introspective from yesterdays workout, which my M informed me that I used to also share those same feeling and insights. Hopefully I can get them back.

Nameorama, Countarama, minimal announcements, prayers for bundys ‘brokeback’ and loveshacks mom and all other prayes spoken and unspoken,

BM Out.


*Hershey was also part of the workout, but I couldn’t seem to locate him to tag him.




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