Two Years In

Five brave pax gathered in the rain and gloom this morning.  We met to take the daily red pill and start the week right by crushing a beatdown with our brothers.  I was also motivated to commemorate my two years of F3 workouts.  I had originally planned to recreate my first workout – Inmate had been the Q and he had us mosey to the ballpark for some PT and wheelbarrow walks up the handicap ramp.  But the rain and cold weather gave me pause, so I called an audible and kept us in the sunken living room.

The thang:

Warmup – SSH, Jeff Imperial Walkers, Peter Parkers

Milkbone Merkin Spin – a new favorite of mine that I lifted from a workout Qed by the venerable Milkbone – 16 uneven merkins with left hand on step, 16 decline merkins, 16 with right hand on step, 16 incline merkins.

Dora 1 – 50 burpees, 100 dips, 150 2-count mountain climbers while partner runs to end of covered walkway.

Bear crawl suicides – bear crawl to first line, jog back, bear crawl to next line, etc.  Heehaw asked if anyone had ever splashed merlot during a workout I Q-ed.  Proud to say that 1) he had to ask that question and 2) it still hasn’t happened to my knowledge.  I like to walk that fine line.

Crawl bear suicides

Dora 2 – 100 carolina dry docks, 150 crunchy frogs, 200 monkey humpers

Wheelbarrow walk with partner – go up the handicap ramp, turn around, and then go back down.  Switch partners and repeat.


Naked Moleskin:

I’m feeling a little introspective after spending two years working out regularly with the pax of F3 St. Simons.  I realized something about myself – though I hate to miss workouts I am not a fitness fiend.  You won’t see me solo-rucking at 4:00 AM like Heehaw.  I’m not doing yoga at the club like Milkbone.  Not doing extra lifting at the gym like Loveshack or Rosebud or any number of you.  I don’t run marathons like Inmate or workout in my home gym every evening like Yogi Bear.  Not on my own private running schedule like Cowtipper or working as a personal trainer like D2.

I do F3.  I meet in the gloom several times a week because I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to crush it with each of you.  This community means a lot to me – it’s a grounding force in my life.  It makes it feel routine to have a daily connection to other men, to lock shields as our former nantan is so fond of saying and understand what others are dealing with in their day-to-day lives.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to have that opportunity.  Whether 3 pax show up or 15, in rain or shine, in the freezing cold or sweltering heat, if we’re doing one-legged hops with Dodgeball or burpee mile with Heehaw, it’s always worth it.  I’m grateful.


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