Tortoise and Hare

Fantastic showing on Saturday morning  – 15 of us absolutely got after it (although I missed someone when tagging names).  I had originally planned for much of the workout to be done on the beach, but I unfortunately read the tide chart backwards, so instead of absolute low tide it was absolute high tide.  But we just modified the workout a bit to take advantage of the amazing sunrise and it all worked out.

warmup on the pier – SSH, sea jacks, plank jacks, elbow plank jacks, baby jump squats.

Tortoise and hare around the village and end at the lighthouse. When one partner catches the other, the one he caught does 3 burpees and then chases him down, etc.

Catch breath with some abs – flutter kicks and crunchy frogs.

Dora – 100 dry docks, 200 crunchy frogs, 300 monkey humpers while partner runs around lighthouse.

Slowsy to parking lot – 15 merkins with one hand on curb, spin 90 degrees to 15 incline merkins with both hands on curb, spin 90 to do 15 merkins with other hand up on curb, spin 90 to do 15 decline merkins.

Took a little break on our shoulders with some rocky balboas.

Then we did Bear crawl suicides – bear crawl to 2nd line, jog back, bear crawl to 4th line, jog back, rinse repeat 3 more lines further.

Pull-up Dora – 100 dips, 200 American hammers, 300 air squats while partner runs around oaks. Small twist is you do 3 pullups right after you run each time.

plank circles – get in plank and follow the leader while we spin around, lift arms and/or legs, etc.

sprint through the chute to end.

great time was had by all – lots of good mumble chatter and energy by our new Fletc brethren.


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