Leave no man Behind

When I arrived I found Snowball and Seuss already warming up. They thought I was late, and I thought they were just keeping warm! However, turns out they were early as they forgot that El Nantan had changed the time to 5:30.

We warmed up with some side straddle hops, and little baby arm circles in honor of the well missed Twinkle Toes. We ran a lap around the lot, and continued the warm up with 3 rounds of Smokehouse.

5 Decline Merkins

10 Merkins

15 Incline Merkins

20 Dips

25 LBC’s

Run down and back… rinse and repeat.

Time for the beatdown…..

I lead the PAX toward the bus lane, however, we lost 1 PAX. So we returned to the AO to look for our brother. After a while, emerged from the gated area behind the lunchroom. F3 CREDO…. Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him. We failed in this ever so simple task, we found him, but we lost him…. Guys, leave no man behind, someone should always be with the six. If you have to wait on the 6, do planks… side straddle hops, something… always wait on the 6 and leave no man behind!

On to the rest of the beat down.

We had 10 cones set up in the front drive of the school, we did Burpee Suicides in multiples of 2. Starting at the closest cone, working up to cone number 10 = 20 Burpees. Snowball is the first to finish, so we started over with 2 count squat suicides for the cones!

It was a brutally simple and hard beat down. Each PAX pushed himself, and I was proud of each of them. Oh…. and 4 PAX had to leave, because the time had been changed so they could get to their 707 groups.

Circle of Trust.

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome Jered Karowski “G6” and Ryan Rentz “night night”

Prayers for Bill Barrow, Tim Carlson, Bundy’s house, St Simons Community Church Ironman Retreat, and our Government leaders and those effected by the shutdown.

As in F3 and in life….. LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND.


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