Pink Kettlebell Power

14 was the count (including 2 FNGs) for YHC’s virgin Ironman Q. It featured a pink kettlebell

The Thang:



  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 15
  • Flutter kicks x 20
  • Jeff Imperial walkers x 15

Kettlebells – AMRAP tabata (one minute work, 30 seconds rest and rotate)

  • Swings
  • High pull
  • Overhead press

Lap – 3:30 min

Kettlebells – AMRAP tabata

  • Bent over row
  • Halos
  • Triceps extensions 

Lap – faster (but not – still 3:30)

Jack Webbs to 5/20 and back down

Broad jump burpees across parking lot

Bear crawl back

6MOM – rotating Q

  • Freddie Mercury (Cow Tipper)
  • Big Boy situps (Mrs Howell)
  • One minute plank (Rosebud)
  • American Hammer (TwinkleToes)
  • Something else with abs (Hee Haw)
  • LBCs (Milkbone)


Naked Man Moleskin

Ironman is historically a non-running workout and I tried to mostly stay true to that tradition (parking lot laps were a brisk walk for most).  It was a challenge to fill 45 minutes without running like I’m used to…but a good challenge

Welcome to our FNGs – Radio Shack and Organ Donor.  Today probably hurt pretty good but I hope you’ll stick with it.  As we always say, the workouts don’t get easier but you get stronger.  See you back out there soon

Kotters to Twinkle Toes and Woz.  Good to see your ugly mugs

For anyone interested in buying their own kettlebells, Amazon sells them for very reasonable prices and with free shipping for Prime members (which is a big deal when you’re shipping 20-30 lb weights)

Announcements and Prayer Requests

Happy Hour location might be moved this week.  More info on Slack…

Bridge Run coming up mid-February.  Rosebud has already registered.  Talk to him if you’re interested in participating.  We’ve had a big showing for this event some years.

Send prayers up for my friends Jonathan and Bethany who recently lost their preemie baby after four weeks in NICU

App where today’s devotion came from:

Remember (from devotion): “The only way to truly succeed in any place, or in any situation, is by looking to God for direction and obeying his Word.  When you do follow him, however, you will find that you prosper wherever you are and no matter what you are called to do.”

Happy National Bagel Day!



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