12 Days of F3 Christmas

Six men celebrated Christmas a little early with a soggy 12 days themed workout at Renegade

The Thang

Mosey to the bus lane behind the school and commence

The 12 Days of F3 Christmas

1 bus lane lap

2 high jump squats

3 jumping lunges

4 mountain climbers

5 monkey humpers

6 burpees

7 star jumps

8 body builders

9 little baby crunches

10 flutter kicks

11 rock hoppers

12 Carolina dry docks

Cascading/pyramid style

Mosey home


Naked Man Moleskin

All totaled we knocked out::

12 laps

22 high jump squats

30 jumping lunges

36 mountain climbers

40 monkey humpers

42 burpees

42 star jumps

40 body builders

36 little baby crunches

30 flutter kicks

22 rock hoppers

12 Carolina dry docks

As I told the guys, when I was preparing the Weinke, I thought “this isn’t too bad.” But about the eighth day of Christmas, that assessment had changed. It is a real push to get through those last four days or so. But we did it. Everyone did it. Good work men


  • Christmas revival this Saturday at the pier 7-8. Followed by breakfast at Palm Coast
  • Santa Poker Ruck Crawl Saturday afternoon 2:00 at Mellow Mushroom. See your email for all of the details
  • No Christmas Day workout
  • Jailbreak (Monday) and Renegade (Thursday) both move to 7:00 just for next week

Prayer requests

  • Safe travels for everyone and family at Christmas
  • Bundy as he makes his move north
  • Heartbreaker’s sister as she receives a new medical diagnosis
  • Cowtipper’s friends The Hodges who just had a baby at 26 weeks with serious complications. Baby is Walter Sterling Hodges

That’s all she wrote

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals



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