Burpee merkin suicides and more

Five intrepid warriors braved the cold this morning for Jailbreak.  Mumble chatter highlights included a rundown of Rosebud’s choir performance on Sunday and a brief mention of Nantan’s loofah activities.

Jack Trio warmup – 25 IC SSH, then seal jacks, then plank jacks.

Mosey around the village, then to parking lot in front of putt-putt.

Suicides – ladder down from 5 burpees to 1 at respective lines as you run suicides, but you do 5 merkins for each burpee.  Shoulders and chest got a workout there.

Dora 1-2-3 – 100 rows under swings, 200 merkins, 300 mountain climbers while partner runs around oaks.

group abs while one pax runs around casino – we did American hammers, gymnast crunches, flutter kicks, big boy sit-ups, and crunchy frogs.

Bear crawl and crawl bear and lunge walk all the way around the outside of the sunken living room.

Revival announcement, prayers, COT.


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