Dodge the ball

Temperature was a  brisk 42 degrees so I had to come up with everything I could to get us warm and going.  Hence, the soundtrack…@bundy you really missed out.  I’m not as fancy as you with your pre-selected playlists, but if you just build the “bawitdaba” station in Pandora, you will be quite satisfied for some heavy workout listening.

Our entrance song was appropriately, “Enter Sandman.”  It was tough to get the PAX out of their cars to start the day but we did get started only one minute late at 0516.

Warmup: LBAC, BBAC, Huggers, Tri-Stretch, Medicine Ball Slam Burpees (2 rounds).

Circuit (3x):

1) Medicine Ball Merkins (2 rounds) – pass the ball to the right after each 4 count merkin ‘on the ball.’

2) Merkin Slammers (2 rounds) – merkins hammers, but with a 10lb medicine ball…again, pass to the right after each 4 count.

Alternating single arm curls x12

Lawnmowers x12 (both sides)

Seated Military Press x12

Seated Single Arm Tri Extensions x12 (both sides)

Dumbbell Shrugs x12

Bent Over Rows x12

@uptowngirl (don’t ask, won’t tell, but you can thank @d2 for the suggestion of naming this lovely exercise after someone not in attendance) x12

Straight Leg Dead Lifts x12

-We finished one minute over time just to compensate for the tardiness of the group.

All in attendance: @loveseat, @d2, @dodgeball, @milkbone, @fidgetspinner, @loveshack, @blackberry, @heehaw, @mrshowell.

There were a few announcements and a few prayer requests, then we closed with the circle of trust (prayer).


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