Achey Breaky Legs

The gloom saw 10 men come out for a full moon beatdown in the fall breeze of the OPES parking lot. The Monday MURPH lingering in the arms of YHC, legs had to be the ultimate focus of this morning’s activities.


Warm up
11 Weedpickers IC
Quad stretch Each leg
22 LBAC forward IC
22 LBAC backward IC

Mosey out traffic circle on Frederica
22 Flutter kicks 4 ct IC
22 Windshield Wipers (11 each direction) OYO
22 Merkins OYO
22 Ankle Grabbers 4 ct OYO
22 Imperial Walkers IC
22 Merkins OYO
Mosey back OPES Parking Lot
Aiken Legs (5 cycles)
22 Squats
22 Box Jumps (or curb jumps as a modifier)
22 Lunges (11 each leg)
22 Split Jacks (11 each leg)
Alternating Plank and Bundy Squats as others finished
22 Merkins OYO
Quad Stretch each leg
Calf Stretch each leg

Namearama – Welcome FNG, Qsack!

Announcements – Catnip’s World Famous Hot Dog/Chili Festivus, Thurs 12-2
Prayers – Tim Carlson; LaVonda Womack (Mother of Jackie Chiles best friend, Jason Womack); travelers/visitors for the Florida/Georgia game

Naked Man Moleskin
Today’s 22 rep count was in homage to the 22KILL initiative that was started in 2013, following a report by the Veterans Administration that found an average of 22 veterans die by suicide everyday. This non-profit organization is committed to researching and understanding the common issues connected with suicide among veterans and first responders; including Post Traumatic Stress and depression, the various circumstances that they stem from, their effects on the individual, and the impact that suicide has on family, friends, and the community as a whole.
For more information about supporting this initiative, visit


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