The man in the Arena

The magnificant seven showed up in the gloom neither and became the man in the arena.

Quick COP:

10 Burpees OYO, 20 side straddle hops IC, 10 Windmills, 10 Temp squats, 20 Little Baby Cruches.

Tha Thang…..

The PAX Mosey’ed to the halfshell stairs, where we started our first of 3 rounds of DORA.  During my pre-ruck with Bearded Millennial I decided to go sans coupons (until next time).

Partner up

DORA 1:  One partner does the stairs while the other stays back and does work.

300 Squats, 200 LBC, 100 Merkins

i gave the PAX.the option of Dora 2 or 3… they choose 2.

DORA 2: One partner does the stairs while the other does work.

300 2 Count Lundge (switched to single count at 100), 200 2 count American Hammers, 100 Carolina Dry Docks.

And the PAX was absolutely CRUSHED!!!

Announcments: pounds for pounds sat 9-12 w/ D2 and Waycross F3 Plant w/ HeeHaw






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