Cause you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop!

Sorry for the delay guys – I cleaned the cookies off my computer and had to go find my password.


Saturday morning started off great.  Sleep in (after all, QSource by the Sea doesn’t start until 6:30am), cup of coffee then off to Q the best workout of the week – SATURDAY.

It was pretty hot out but Hurricane Florence had sucked lots of moisture out of our system so a breeze made it great out.  The plan was to do some running further away from the water, but that was the first part of the plan to hit the skids. I wasn’t leaving that breeze.

Circle up around the flagpole for a brief warm up.

  • SSH
  • LBAC (front and back)
  • Weedpickers

Immediately south of the flagpole on the lawn I had set up 4 cones in a square with the sides 10 yards apart.  Each time we passed this box we did the agility portion of the drill.  Sprint to the first cone, shuffle sideways to the next, backpedal to the next and karaoke to the final/first cone.

After that fun drill it was off to the gazebo by the rock to select our own rock for the day.  Made quick use of the rocks by doing some squat thrusters (got some awesome looks from the folks in the gazebo on this one).

Quickly off to the pier.  Circle up (wind was ripping out here – it was great) – just about everything was IC

  • tempo merkins
  • SSH
  • sit ups
  • dips – rockette style (one leg up)
  • decline merkins
  • one legged squats with foot up on the bench
  • toe squats

Back to the rock pile – only rule was you couldn’t use your own rock

  • squat thrusters
  • american hammer
  • overhead rows

Mosey over to the Hal Shell.  I hate these stairs over here, so I thought we could all hate them together.

5 sets of ten merkins with feet on the curb.  After each set it was up and down the stairs.

Once we finished that we were ahead of schedule so we did 20 squats (IC) with just our toes on the curb.  As a group we have lousy balance.

Mosey to the Living Room.

  • american hammer
  • big boy sit ups
  • flutter kicks
  • dolly
  • rosalita
  • carolina dry docks
  • dive bombers
  • alternating shoulder taps in the Balls to the Wall position

Mosey to  the agility square in the lawn (one lap) then off to the playground.

3 pull-ups in the playground.

Concrete tables.  Walkover Dips.  SO we walked over the table and did 25 dips, back over, 20 dips and so on (15, 10 & 5)

Back to the playground for more pull ups.

Back to tables – Incline Merkins & Decline Merkins

Back to the playground for more pull ups.

Back to tables for more dips.

Back to the playground for more pull ups.

Over to lawn for Merkin Rolls (Merkin to bottom, roll on the grass and then back to starting position) – D2 loved this as it the grass made him nice and itchy.

Back to the playground for more pull ups.

Back to the agility box for a lap.

Back to  the rock circle.  Find another new rock.

  • squat thrusters
  • american hammer
  • overhead row

Replace the rocks on the breakwater.

Back to the agility box for a lap.

Circle up around the flagpole – stretch and we are done.

Really want to commend these guys.  We did low reps (7-13 generally) but we didn’t stop.  Twice I asked for 10-counts only to blow it off halfway through and start the routine again.  Ab exercise were the closest thing to a break.  My Q juice ran out with 5 minutes to go and I was staring down the sparkly vision tunnel that got REALLY narrow at one point.

GoodTimes from F3 Charleston was down escaping Florence – prayers to him for a safe return home.






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