Old School Beatdown

Welp,  I’ve finally had an opportunity to slow down, return home, and write the backblast for last weeks Sailor’s Warning.  I took the PAX on a walk down memory lane of my favorite beatdowns!  We had a couple shorties with us who put in the work along side of us and made us Dad’s proud… and if you were with us Saturday, I thank you for being an example of a H.I.M. for my sons!

COP: mosey to the beach… it was LOW TIDE! (hold the rails, steps are slippery when wet)

25 Sid Straddle Hops, IC

20 Jeff Imperial Walkers

20 Weed Pickers

Twinkle Toes Circuit…. iron cross and a lot of Little baby arm circles

10 Burpees OYO

Tha Thang:

Mosey to picnic benches where we started 4 rounds of Tha Smokehouse

5 Decline Merkins, 10 Merkins, 15 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips & 25 LBC’s…. mosey to benches on the pier… Rise, Wash,, & Repeat then mosey to sunken living room R-W-R then mosey back to picnic benches for the final round.

Mosey to flag pole and circle up for 7 MOM, the PAX was impressed with my flutter kick stamina, and the Q wasn’t impressed with Dodgeball’s inability to count IC.

Next up was another PAX and Q favorite, the Q’s version of a Burpee Mile… 10 Burpees every tenth of a mile.  Roughly a half mile in, 5 stops total of burpees, we ended up in the little parking lot of SSUMC where I dusted off another favorite the Chaser.

Chaser = 20 Hand release Merkins, 20 Taint tickler squats (below parallel all the way down), 20 Big Boy Sit-ups. Then 15 of each.  Then 10 of each.

Mosey to the daycare drop off for a Bear Crawl, Indian Plank!  The PAX all planked on the curb, the lead PAX would bear crawl up the drop off then sprint back to the end of the line and assume the plank, we R-W-R until each PAX completed the exercise.  Very obvious that Shark Tooth gets his bear crawl ability from his dad.

We mosey’ed back to the beach where we took a brief pause to admire God’s handy work of a beautiful sunrise, then dropped for 10 more Burpees OYO, then a final sprint from one access to the other.

Circled up at the flag where we welcomed FNG Trophy Wife, and Cousin Eddy from F3 ATL Leon, and Kotter Chicken Finger.

Prayers: Trophy Wife’s nephew Harrison, Twinkle Toes, and Tim Carlson

JJ Lee







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