Twinkle Toe

this morning I had the pleasure of leading the beat down in honor of our own @twinkletoes. The goal of my Q was to invoke the toes, feet, and legs as much as possible to create a workout that will help us all avoid a nasty knee injury on the frisbee field. We know those games get intense with bodies flying everywhere and sometimes things get way out of control.

that said, we began the morning with a mosey toward the bus line. I called some form running transitions: high knees for 20 yards, then butt-kickers, then karaoke front and back. We moseyed all the way to the playground for our next series.

plyo: these were all done in sets of 10 as a circuit- figure 8’s, single-leg squares, single leg lateral hops, single leg horizontal hops. We worked through this quickly, then did the whole circuit two more times.

then some more, but harder: pike jumps x 15, then left to right Heisman’s…until I got tired of it. Then, do it again.

Next: Merkin mania. Wide grip x 10, regular grip x 8, close grip x 6, diamond x 4, then finished with close grip tempo x 6.

Next, some practice on pull-ups. We proved as a group that we are terrible here, so why not get some work it. 7wide, 5 regular, 3 close grip.

Now the fun really started. We moseyed back to the bus lane and split into two groups. 1 group ran a sprint down and back to the end of the lane, then when the first guy crossed the next group took off. I estimate these were about 150 yards in total down and back. I told the group we would stop when I said. We ended with 5, except for @rosebud, who couldn’t decide which group he liked better.

We ended with a plank off. Came down to @rosebud (who was nice and fresh after his share of the sprints) and @heartbreaker, but heartbreaker has never lost a plank-off and didn’t want to start today.

two new fng’s: hot-wing and Giselle.

regulars: @rosebud, @loveseat, @uptowngirl, @heartbreaker, @suess, @snowball.


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