Cardio with no Running

F3-SSI Ironman.  Our traditional light to no running, lifting focused workout.  Sure the muscles ache, but the heart rate never gets going that much right?

Any exercise that we do quickly, we can also do slowly and any transition that we do slowly, we can do quickly.  And guess what, if you do that you can spike your heart rate.  I have seen evidence that FidgetSpinner got his heart rate to 174!

So we fired up the tunes and began our Warm Up with a little UptownGirl by Billy Joel


Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop

Little (and Big) arm circles (forward and back)



The Thang – the exact order may be off and the numbers varied based upon the groans



Carolina Dry Docks

Flutter Kicks

Overhead lifts from deep squat

Weighted lung walk


– oh yeah, I had some cones in the trunk and put out 7 of them.  With weight we lunged to the first cone and walked to the second.  Did that down and back.  The heavy metal songs were on the tunes by now.

Tempo Merkins

Tempo Weighted Squats

Tempo Carolina Drydocks

Flutter Kicks & Freddy Mercury’s

Karaoke out to the 7th cone and back

One legged Squats


Other Leg squats


Saturday Night Specials – both sides


Overhead Press


– Motley Crue “Kickstart” provided a second wind to everyone about here (well me anyway)


Mary Janes / Jump Alternating Lunges


Serpentine mosey thru the cones and sprint back

Tempo Merkins

Tempo Weighted Squats

Tempo Dry Docks

That’s it


We hit it hard and with little time between exercises.  My apologies to Bundy for cutting off his ten count halfway through.


COT – 9 PAX (almost 10 as there was a rumor floating around that Dunker was considering joining us and there was a possible sighting of him in the woods lurking)


HDHH tomorrow

Tap Takeover tomorrow at HQ/GF – it’s Oconee Brewing

Q-Source starts next week – 3x per week – Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoon & Saturday morning before the beatdown

Come out Thursday for Renegade where DodgeBall is the Q and has invited his Boss to the beatdown (bad idea) – should be fun to watch



Twinkle Toes surgery on Thursday

Bundy’s dad is back in a facility in his hometown closer to his M



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