It’s A Block Party…And No Moseys Were Invited

Even though we’re starting to see a slight trend toward cooler mornings, today was still a humid one on the Isle of St. Simons. Nine PAX showed up today ready to put in work…and put in work they would because, since YHC is nursing a potential foot problem, there would be no moseys…which forced me to open new and creative doors to keep things challenging.

Anyhow, it went a little something like this….


Warm Up

  • Shadowboxers, 10x, IC
  • Bundy Squat + Moroccan Night Clubs, 10x
  • Low Lunge w/ Twist + LBACF (10x) then LBACR (10x)
  • Calf/Achilles Stretch + Seal Claps, 10x, IC
  • Calf/Achille Stretch + Chinooks, 10x, IC

Next, I injected a little faux-mosey from the flags that ended only a few seconds later at my truck. The tailgate dropped. The cinderblocks awaited.

Each PAX took a block and, with blocks held overhead, we walked around to the OPES bus lane, something I called a “man mosey.” The deal was this: If anyone needs a break and has to lower his block, the cost would be 50 cinderblock LBCs for all. The first block came down as we rounded the corner to the bus lane. Since I thought it would happen much sooner, and taking time into account, we forewent this penalty and jumped right into the action.

We all lined up on the first set of poles in the bus lane. The plan was this:

  • Lunge from first pole to the last pole with block. There are 28 poles total.
  • At the first pole, drop and do 5 Staggered Merkins (i.e. Merkins with one hand on the block).
  • At the second pole, do 5 Block Overhead Presses.
  • At the third pole, drop and do 5 Staggered Merkins on the other side.
  • Then, lunge, rinse, and repeat until you run out of poles.

This came to around 70 Block Overhead Presses, 35 Staggered Merkins (per side), and anywhere from 80-100 lunges with the block in hand.

Next, after we were gassed and I teased the PAX with doing the same thing going back, we did the following sequence:

  • Block Wonderbra, 10x, IC
  • Block Kettlebell Swings, 20x, OYO
  • Block Tricep Extensions, 30x, OYO
  • Block Curls, 40x, OYO
  • Block Rows, 50x, OYO

The plan was to go back down the above “mountain” with 40/30/20/10, but time was creeping up, so we hoisted our blocks and made our way across the dark playground back to the front parking lot to stretch it out with some manly yoga.


  • Q Source coming up. See Slack. Details have been there.
  • I forgot to mention this, but SSI and BWK are about to ramp up an adult kickball league. Registration will open soon. I’ll post details about it on Slack when they’re available. Should be fun for those who can do it.

Prayer Requests:

  • Bundy dad (we’re seeing a glimmer of hope for him to return to a nursing facility back home).





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