Week two brought another great test of mettle!! Breeze felt good, but the humidity didn’t get the notice to calm down!! We had 8 able bodied pax attempt the challenge and YHC there to maintain integrity.

The Thang
AMRAP for 8 Min with a cinderblock each of the following. A 2 minutes break between each exercise. Once the pax completed 25 reps, they did a 25yd suicide (50yd total).

Kettlebell swings
Blockee (Burpee w/Block)

The Scores
Dodgeball 639
Loveseat 509
Hee Haw (aka Jorge) 452
Blackberry 265
Remaining pax modified and didn’t get an official score.

This was a great workout, got the legs and arms! Can’t wait to see what next week brings, get out to next Monday’s workout and see for yourself.

Starting the week of Labor Day we’ll have 3 opportunities to dive into QSource (extra credit if you know the meaning of the name). Once the groups start, there may be slight changes to times, so plug into the group that fits your schedule best.

Manna House is Saturday 9/1 of Labor Day weekend. If you are in town, make plans to attend. We need to have a better turnout for this event.

Prayer Concerns
Blackberry and Hee Haw as their 2.0s fly the nest.

Bundy’s dad is raising some hell in his new location, but not seeing improvement.

YHC is typing this from the orthopedic office, as I will be having surgery, find out the game plan today.


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