We hear a lot of chirping throughout the weekend on slack but it was all quiet this morning for the Q.  4 of the strong showed up: @cher, @dodgeball, @rosebud, and @hammerhead.

We started with a mosey to the end of the pier to warm the legs, then arms/shoulders with little baby arm circles, wonder-bras, tempo merkins, a little down-dog smoothly transitioned to a single weed pick. From here we mosied back to the end of the pier to some fun plyometrics to warm the ankles, knees and other joints.  Single leg figure 8’s, single leg forward/back jumps, and 180 squat jumps.  Lets just say @rosebud tried.

From here we mosied to the playground for a few sets of pullups OYO. @hammerhead complained that you can’t do pullups when you workout once a month.  He may be onto something.

Next to the main event, the DORA.  Today had a truck theme.  For the DORA we had 300 toe-taps, 200 dips, and 100/2 tailgate jumps.  The toe taps were at the top of the truck tire, the dips were in the truck bed, and for the tailgate jumps – think box jumps, but from the ground to the tailgate.  Yes, it was brutal.  100/2 was because no one wanted to puke to start the week, although I was pretty close after my first set of 20.  I cranked up my Zepplin Pandora mix for inspiration.  Because we are men, @cher and myself drive 4×4 trucks, which added a degree of difficulty to the added height.  I wish @icebox would have brought his truck, but I think he forgets the way to the pier unless it’s an ultimate morning.

After that, we ended with a few sets of abs (crunchy frogs and merican hammers) then some slow walking lounges, and a burnout set of pushups to Zepplin’s “Ramble On.”  The goal was to keep going until the end of the song, but as you probably know, Zepplin’s tunes are a bit longer than ‘Mmm Bop.


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