That Qwhich will not kill you…

I’ve been a little reluctant to get back out and work out since tweaking my back about 3 weeks ago, but have been missing the gloom with you guys, so I decided to Q my return to F3 so that I could have control of the motions and modify if need be. Here’s the synopsis:


25 SSH, 10 Moroccan night club, LBACs f&r (which brought up the question where has Twinkletoes been?), weed pickers, and merkin climbers (not necessarily in that order)

Mosey to entrance with some kareoke and reverse run. Wait on 6. 20 imperial walkers. Mosey to back of school weaving in the columns to the end.

Macarena, merkins-jacks, Superman-aquaman (10 count each), flutter kicks, LBCs

Slowsie to playground to hang on, pull-up, leg raise, V-erkins (ask me and I’ll show you).

Slowsie to picnic benches, 20 bench dips/step up or box jumps, 20 incline LBCs.

Slowsie to parking lot for yoga.


Announcements: uptown girl’s ultimate beatdown on Saturday, proud of our Manna House crew for putting on a spectacular cookout last Saturday.

Prayer concerns: Scott Reynolds (fundraiser Saturday at the Tree House at Bennies, $20 entry, raffle, silent auction, etc.).

Bundy’s dad rehabilitation.

Close in prayer.


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