The Visitors Invaded F3 St Simons

PAX: Loveseat, Geico, Booster (visitor), Twang (visitor), Saint2O (visitor)


Q: Saint2O
So, there were 5 that showed up in the gloom this morning, and 3 of them were visiting, so we got what we wanted, including YHC, the Q.
We moseyed the long way out to the street and did the following, all in cadence:
Side straddle hop
Weed pickers
Imperial Walker
The Thang:
Then we moseyed back to the front parking lot and did some DB drills all the way across. That involves running up up the parking lot line, shuffling over, then running back up the next parking lot line and so on. When we got the end, we caught our breath and then started the Mucho Chesto, which is 10 reps of each regular merkins, diamond merkins, wide merkins, stagger left merkins and stagger right merkins. Then we went back the other direction with the DB drills, to get an even workout on our legs. YHC then reminded the PAX that we had to finish the Mucho Chesto. So that meant one more round of that.
Then we moseyed to the other side of the school. There was some mumblechatter when we got there about they didn’t have a good feeling about it. So, we did a modified Cooper. Start with 10 burpees, 10 squats, and 10 LBCs and then run to the end of the columns and back, and repeat with 8, then 6, and so on. We stopped running at 2.
Then the PAX looked like they wanted more merkins, so we did ATMs, which is 15 Alternating shoulder taps in plank position in cadence, 10 Tempo merkins in cadence, and 10 fast Merkins. Rinse and repeat.
Then we moseyed back to the other side of the school for some Lt. Dan which is 1 to 4 ratio of lunges to squats.
Time was running short, so we went to the flat concrete for some Mary.
We did 6-inches, flutter kicks, Rosalita, and dying cockroach for the big finish. Great job everyone!
Prayers for those traveling and injured.
Prayers for Loveseat’s move.
Prayers for everyone involved in the FCA camp at Epworth this week.
Glad to be able to be the Q today on St. Simons, it was an honor!

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