Agility Work

It was sultry.  No it was humid.  No, it was just was too warm for 5:30am.  80 degrees BUT at least there was a breeze so we took advantage of that.

Disclaimer and mosie to the pier for some warm up.  SSH, weedpickers, arm circles – then some incline merkins and dips on the benches, and some more SSH.  Feeling warm it was time to start.

Mosie along the water over to SSUMC parking lot where we did some stuff.  Squats, Dry Docks, merkins and high speed curb toe taps.

Mosie to SSE and the their playground and high speed track.  10 pull ups, then a lap of the track.  Flutter kicks, rosalita & dolly.  Another lap of the track (in the opposite direction so we wouldn’t get dizzy) then back to the playground.  Something new.  Arm hang.  Get to the top of your pull up and hold for a 10 count. Repeat several times.  That kinda got old so we added the bicycle kick in the arm hang position.  Fun.

Mosie to the lighthouse lawn – which BTW is why we all need a wingman.  I was headed for the stairs by Half Shell but @inmate told me not to waste the beautiful sunrise along the water.  He was right.  Lighthouse lawn – merkins, dry docks, squats, sit ups and some crazy reverse tempo merkin where its a three count from the bottom into plank position and then one count back down.  Fun.

Mosie to the flagpole lawn.  Time for some agility work.  Cone were out in a box pattern.  Sprint to first cone, shuffle to the next cone, back peddle to the next cone, karaoke to the final cone.  Reverse and repeat.

Mosie to the pier to once again take in the beautiful sunrise.  Brief stretch, COT, prayer requests, announcements and naming of FNG.

Keep Bundy family in your prayers as well as Milkbone’s back.

Cookout at Uptown Girl’s house tonight from 6-9.  Check out slack for more details.

Rosebuds son Trevor joined us this morning from Wisconsin.  He was born in Germany.  He’s Fraulein, and he took the name like a man.

Design a great day guys.


Greg Walbridge, 48, Uptown Girl



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