“It’s Big, But a Weird Shape….”

Nine PAX showed up on a calm and quiet, albeit balmy, day at the coast to put in work for YHC’s first-ever Jailbreak Q. And, as promised on Slack, I feel like I made Dodgeball happy by keeping the running to a minimum….

After the disclaimer, we made a brief mosey to the sunken living room for the following series:

  • Bundy Squat + Wonderbra, IC (10x)
  • Decline Tempo Merkins, IC (15x)
  • Decline Diamond Merkins, IC (10x)
  • Carolina Dry Docks, IC (5x)


  • Low Lunge w/ Twist + LBACF, each side, IC (10x)
  • Decline Diamond Merkins, IC (15x)
  • Carolina Dry Docks, IC (10x)
  • Decline Tempo Merkins, IC (5x)


  • Weedpickers, IC, (10x)
  • Carolina Dry Docks, IC (15x)
  • Decline Tempo Merkins, IC (10x)
  • Decline Diamond Merkins, IC (5x)


Next up was a short slowsey to the beach with a brief stop along the way to grab a “basketball sized” rock. We quickly found out that some people define the size of a basketball differently than do others. Inmate’s was about the size of a cantaloupe, Dodgeball’s was long and flat and shaped like a stepping stone, and Loveseat thought his was “big, but a weird shape.” With that, it was down to the beach.

At the bottom of the steps, we lined up our rocks in a single-file line perpendicular to shore. I then reminded everyone of the disclaimer. After that, we lined up with our rocks, threw them as far as we could, then lunge-walked after them. The main directive was to employ a different style of throw each time so that all of the upper body connective tissues got into the game. We repeated this until we reached a predetermined end point.

At this end point, we circled up and took a quick break for a Pigeon + Quad stretch (each side). After this, we lined back up with our rocks and returned to the start point in the same manner.

Once done, we replaced our rocks among their peers and made our way to the benches for a little more yoga and a series of flutter kicks (100 total, 4-count), incline, and decline merkins. After that, we slowseyed back to the flag for the pledge and prayer.


  • July 4th Fun Run and pre-run beatdown. Details are in a pre-blast on Slack.
  • Uptown Girl’s big grill out at his house this coming Sunday.
  • Welcome FNG “Pusser.”

Prayer Requests:

  • YHC’s dad.





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