Nantan loves Elvis

We had 7 pax enjoy an unseasonally cool workout this morning. Notable additions include Bundy, who only rarely posts at Jailbreak, and Inmate, who made his monthly (or quarterly?) showing.  Also welcomed back world travelers HeeHaw and Uptown Girl.  Last but not least, regular Rosebud and new regular Dodgeball rounded us out.

I had designs to try something new and work out under the avenue of oaks at the Lodge, but I drove by this morning and realized that we wouldn’t have time to do much once we got there.  We’ll save that for a Saturday.

Instead, we started with a tortoise and hare partner run down Butler.  One pax does 3 burpees whole the other runs away from him, then the first runs to catch him and the other does 3 burpees while he runs away, and so forth.

At the end of the street: 20 merkins, 25 jump squats, 25 crunchy frogs.

Mosey up to Kings Way: 20 Carolina dry docks, 25 jump squats, 25 flutter kicks

Mosey to Presbyterian church and do bear crawls, crawl bears, and lunge walks across ramps up and down front entrance.

Mosey to back street parallel to Kings Way.  Mosey down street, stopping at each driveway to do merkins or squats, starting at 20 reps and descending by 2 (20 merkins first, then 18 squats, 16 merkins, and so forth).

Mosey to Dairy Queen benches: 30 dips, 25 step ups, 20 Dolly’s, 20 Rosalitas.

Mosey to Sea Grille – smokehouse. 5 derkins, 10 merkins, 15 incline merkins, 20 dips, 25 LBCs.  Then wall squat while doing wonder bras.  Meanwhile, Heehaw left us for a Graceland.

Mosey to elevated living room.  Bear crawl, crawl bear, and burpee broad jump across it.  Heehaw left us again for another Graceland.  Nantan loves Elvis!

Circle at flags.  PR – Bundys dad in hospital, D2 and Twinkletoes leading youth trip.




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