4 pax met up this am, with no Q.  I volunteered and we were off!

Mosey to tennis court by Mallory park – bear crawl to first corner, lunge walk to next, crab walk to next, burpee broad jump back to the first corner. Peter Parkers in cadence.

Mosey to Mallory. Dips in cadence. Dora – 75 incline merkins, 100 step ups, 125 crunchy frogs.

Mosey through park to Neptune playground. Follow the leader across picnic tables, swing monkey bars, to swings. Rows in cadence.

Mosey to elevated casino. Dora – 100 merkins, 125 dips (maybe?), 150 LBCs. Wall squats with wonder bras in cadence. Calf raises in cadence.

A little yoga at the end to stretch, announcements, prayer for bundys mom, BOM.


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