Not even a jog

Workout this morning was oriented around weights – not even a jog!  We had 6 pax post, though Heehaw identified himself as only 50% present due to consuming an unfortunate plate of Italian sausage meatballs last night.  Glad to report that he hung in there all workout though.  Also noteworthy – Cher brought perhaps the smallest Jane Fonda coupons ever witnessed at an F3 workout.  We stuck them in an extra bullet ruck so he didn’t have to carry them in shame.

Warmup – SSH, windmills, squats, scorpion dry docks, weed-pickers

Round 1 – circled up and did 15-30 reps in cadence of the following exercises, rotating weights between each exercise so everyone got a turn on the Jane Fonda bullet bag.  Thrusters, tricep extension, bent over rows, curls, upright rows, kettle bell swings, overhead press

Slowsied to the covered patio, doing some lunges on the way with weights overhead.

Dora – 100 jump lunges, 150 Peter Parkers,  200 squats, while partner farmer carries both bags around circle.

Round 2 of the circuit of weighted exercises listed above.

Dealer’s choice abs – crunchy frogs, American hammer, flutter kicks, LBCs, gymnast crunch, and a truly impressive 50 reps of 4-count Dolly’s by our illustrious Nantan.

20 in cadence merkins to round out the workout.

Announcement – Murph on Monday, 7:00 am. Look for notice from Heehaw about a potential pre-Murph ruck.

Prayers for seniors graduating this week, especially for wisdom and safety as they celebrate. Also, prayers for Tinman’s new baby.


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