So, this morning didn’t start out as I planned. My pre-post poop wasn’t cooperating (until I was about to walk out to my truck), I dressed in the dark so not to wake the M. Something wasn’t right but I didn’t figure out that I put my shorts on backwards until I tried to stuff my phone and keys in my pockets (yes, my shorts were on backwards). Needless to say, I got to the AO with the F3 flag and Loveseat got there with the American flag but nobody else showed. Here’s what we did for those of you with FOMO.


Planks alternating arms and legs, mountain climbers, LBACs

Run to 1st entrance, for SSH, weed pickers, don quiote, and my new favorite warmup exercises that I’m going to add to the lexicon that we’ll call Laverne and Shirley and Lennie and Squiggie. Sticking to the ’70’s sit-com theme of a lot of our terminology comes from. If you want to know the motions, then post.

Run to bus drop. On 6 for LBC, flutter kick, Freddy Mercury, American hammer, front down for 10-second Superman holds and aqua man

Mosey to playground

The Thang:

Mini-Murph (50 pull-ups, 100 merkins, 150 squats)

25 parallel bar dips, 25 parallel bar pull-ups

Mosey the long way around the parking lot to endex

Bridge and lower back stretches

Countarama and namearama (yeah, we did that)

Closed in prayer-calling out all of the fartsackers.


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