Worse, worse, worse Dora

8 Pax in total undertook the worse, worse, worse Dora this morning, otherwise known as “The Loveseat”.

Mosey to pier the long way – picked up catnip, blackberry, and Alzheimers on the way.

Warmup at the end of the pier – SSH, imperial walkers, weed pickers

Mosey to rocks – pick a rock and a partner

  • one does people’s chair with rock out, the other does 10 burpees, then switch
  • Same with 20 merkins, 30 jump squats

Mosey to stairs at half shell

Dora 1 – Run up stairs carrying rock, while partner does reps – 50 jump outs, 100 curb merkins, 150 Peter Parkers

Mosey to field near flagpole

Dora 2 – Bear crawl/lunge walk to flagpole while partner does reps with rocks – 75 thrusters, 100 tricep extensions, 125 weighted squats

Mosey to playground

Dora 3 – step ups around benches with rocks while partner does reps – 50 pull-ups or body weight rows, 100 dry dock, 150 dips

Ditch the rocks, mosey to flagpole, BOM


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