Mean Mugs and Shoulder Shrugs…

This AM was another crisp morning, and we had 8 or so Pax!! (SPEAK UP IF I MISSED YOU). We focused on Shoulders and Abs. Bundy decided to test his herculan strength with his 60# no handled filler bag. Disclaimer was given, and away we went

Warm Up (all IC with the resting position being Iron Cross)



10-Overhead Claps


The Thang

10-Curls for Girls

10-Tick Dicklers

10-Overhead Press

10-Bent-over Rows

30 second AMRAP LBC to set your base line

10-Curls for Girls

9-Tick Dicklers

9-Overhead Press

9-Bent-over Rows

OYO Big Boy Sit-ups to match Baseline

8-Curls for Girls

8-Tick Dicklers

8-Overhead Press

8-Bent-over Rows

OYO Oblique crunch to 110% baseline

OYO LBC to 110% baseline

OYO Flapjack Oblique crunch to 110% baseline

7-Curls for Girls

7-Tick Dicklers

7-Overhead Press

7-Bent-over Rows

5-Worse/Worse/Worse Crunch IC

6-Curls for girls

5-Curls for girls

4-Curls for girls

6-Overhead Press

5-Overhead Press

4-Overhead Press

6-Tick Dicklers

6-Bent-over Rows

5-Tick Dicklers

5-Bent-over Rows

4-Tick Dicklers

4-Bent-over Rows

OYO-10% WW1 Sit-Up

3-Curls for girls

10-Shoulder Press

3-Overhead Press

2-Curls for girls

9-Shoulder Press

2-Overhead Press

1-Curls for Girls

8-Shoulder Press

1-Overhead press

3-Bent-over Rows

3-Tick Dicklers

3-Bent-over Rows

2-Tick Dicklers

2-Bent-over Rows

1-Bent-over Rows

1-Tick Dicklers

OYO 100-Baseline crunches (to give us sandbaggers a little extra work)

Cool Down



10-Overhead claps

Announcements: Beach Ruck tonight at 1800 and tomorrow at 0430 at Ghoulds to get that free patch. Manna House May 5th.

Prayer Requests: Hee Haw-unspoken. Evan from Wake Up Colon Cancer.


Good work today guys.


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