Renegade Raffle

I was another chilly morning in the coldest place on earth. Actually, my thermometer said it was closer to 49°. In defense of OPES, I was told the person who programmed the thermometer at the sign received his PhD in Climatology from the Manor In-stute of Technologee (and Cosmetology), or what Heehaw’s people affectionately as “the other MIT”. Anyway, I digress. Back to the workout. Since we had so much fun last Saturday with the Easter egg hunt, I figured I could recycle the exercises and have a mediocre (at best) beatdown, and the three of us that showed weren’t let down to my expectations. The workout is as follows:

Warmup: weedpickers, SSH, run a lap around the parking lot.

The Thang: each PAX pulled a sliver of paper out of a Sea Island Market bag (from the first place I met Twinkletoes-so it holds a special place in my heart, kind of, or it was on the top of the dog poop pick up bags-you decide), we did 5 or so exercises then ran a lap until time ran out. At that time we did 1 more lap and 1-5 contra burpees in appreciation of Super Sally tossing that one Saturday morning when he found a stray egg after the beatdown.


Prayers for Bundy’s FIL and those of us traveling this week.



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