2018 SGHS Bridge Run Double Down!

The gnats we’re bad, like really really bad…. only relief was watching TwinkleToes do ninja gnat swatting sit-ups and the occasional retribution of eating a gnat of two.  Lets start from the beginning…. 1 by 1 the PAX arrived, and as we prepped for the beatdown, everyone applied multiple applications of No-Gnatz and Off….. in jest, as the hungry horde of tiny flying teeth kept advancing from the grass. When Bundy arrived from his solo 13.1 mile ruck from the commons to the bridge we gave him directions and he stretched out his legs and we did a little mosey for a COP that consisted of 20 SSH, 15 Weed Pickers, 20 JIW, all in cadence (more gnat carnage). We headed to the end of the old road over the water for the first of my personal faves… Chaser!  Rounds of 20 then 15 then 10 reps were completed of each exercise.  20 hand Release Push-ups, 20 Squats, 20 Big Boy Sit ups… then 15 of each… then 10…  All done, wall sit on the guard rails.

Quick mosey to the picnic area closest to the river for DORA 1,2,3. PAX was instructed to pair up (size doesn’t matter).  Completed 300 squats, 200 Sit-ups, and 100 Merkins.  Conditions wear getting dire for the PAX… The onslaught of flying teeth monsters was reaching a fever pitch.  Twinkle Toes was using the ninja swat during his sit-ups.  Milkbone tried to eat them in between coughs, and I was firing pollen fueled snot rockets at them.  THEY KEPT ATTACKING and we dug in for the next round of beatdowns…

A little Smokehouse followed and more Gnat to PAX battle.  We fought hard and valiantly, in the end the tirless waves for flying teeth proved too much for the PAX…  I was getting lightheaded from the loss of blood and knew I needed my strength for the bridge.  We concluded and welcomed our FNG Dr Jack Johnson (Waffle).  Four of us put on our race numbers and headed to the starting line….  Race Results = Waffle, Volunteer, Cher, HeeHaw, and Super Sally.  Mrs Howell was in the mix, but he ran with his work team.   The 5K walk was highlighted by Milkbone’s 92 year old grandmother marching over the bridge!!!  Walk PAX = Milkbobe, HeeHaw, Super Sally, Luigi, and Mrs Howell.

It was a fun filled morning with Twinkle Toes leading a group for a service project the rest of the afternoon.

nothing short shear willpower and resolve kept us in the battle against the flying teeth horde, we fought bravely and finally outlasted their attacks as they retreated back to their grassy confines. We WILL MEET AGAIN, and WE WILL WIN!





Hee Haw




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