G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. K.I.W.I.

The gloom was literally such this morning. Dark. Misty. Windy. Cloudy. It was a perfect day for people to skip out…BUT, a strong Tuesday showing of 10 PAX (including one FNG who would walk away from this workout with a totally awesome F3 name) came out to get yoked and make their shirts feel a tad smaller today. We even had a rare Cow Tipper sighting, so that was a pleasant surprise.


The warm up was a quick one so we could get on to more pressing (pun intended) matters:

  • Moroccan Night Clubs, 15x, IC
  • Chinooks, 15x, IC,
  • Wonderbras, 15x, IC
  • Windmills, 15x, IC

We then moseyed over to the covered area on the side of SSCC, partnered up, and grabbed some cinderblocks for the following Dora upper body burner. While Partner One was lifting, Partner Two moseyed out and made a lap around a tree that was roughly fifty yards away. The plan was to keep the runners close by so no single partner shouldered the bulk of the lifting. Turns out, according to Hee Haw’s fitness thingamabob, we ran nearly two miles in that tight little loop over the course of the workout. Go figure….

Anyhow, Dora:

  • Georgia (not Carolina) Dry Docks, 105 per pair
  • Outlaws, 105 per pair
  • Overhead Tri Extensions, 105 per pair
  • Derkins, 105 per pair
  • Bent Over Rows, 105 per pair
  • Yoke N’ Smoke Curls (uh, just curls), 15 ea
  • Ear Scraper Block Presses (Military or Overhead Presses), 15 ea


  • Kettlebell Swings (but with a block), 15 ea
  • Incline Merkins, 15 ea
  • World War I Situps, 15 ea
  • Incline Merkins, 15 ea

Yes, I took some liberties with the exercise names, but I wanted to spell out something important to me and there just aren’t many things out there that begin with “Y” and “I” and the Imperial Family Walker was off the table due to YHC having a muddled-up knee for some unexplainable reason.

Prayer Requests:

Hee Haw – Prayers that the flu will NOT make its rounds completely through the house

Mrs. Howell – Prayers for his mother as she enters surgery

Bundy – Prayers for the safety of bridge runners, Dolphin Dayers, Paddy’s Day ruckers, etc. Also, we need to add Catnip’s calf to that list as well as whatever funky issue is going on with my knee and the tennis elbow that I have despite the fact that I don’t play tennis.

Praise Report:

Most of y’all know that we had to let our pug, Kiwi, go last week. It has been a trying weekend as we work our way through the grief of our new normal. I told the guys a story today about how, on Friday, a friend of mine sent me a poem called “The Rainbow Bridge.” I’d never heard of it. If any of you are dealing with the loss of a pet, you should read it. If you know someone who is, snip a shot of it and send it to them. It’s basically a feel-good piece about what happens to our pets when they cross over the rainbow bridge and into Heaven. ANYHOW, I tell you that to tell you this: I was really feeling it Sunday night into Monday morning. I prayed multiple times for God to send me a sign that He has her and she’s okay…a whisper, a dream, something, anything…. Then, yesterday, my wife was going to work on Jekyll and, lo and behold, there was a rainbow waiting for her over the bridge. I think that was our sign that our Kiwi is safe and sound and pain-free and that He is taking good care of her.

Also, let’s not forget a hearty backblast welcome to our FNG, Onion!


See Bundy’s list of prayer requests above. There’s a lot of overlap.


In the spirit of full disclosure, when I mentioned this morning the significance of the reps today, I said that 105 is the number of months we had Kiwi and, when time was running out, I shortened the reps to the number of years instead. Well, I was mixed up because, due to my bum knee, this was going to be a Lazy Dora workout (which means no running) whereby each partner holds plank while the other performs reps. The 105 is simply 15 reps times 10 sets (5 per partner). When I arrived this AM, I felt like I could do a little jogging and decided to forego the Lazy Dora for the standard one, but forgot my rationale for the 105 number. So, just so you don’t think I can’t do math, 15 years comes out to 180 months, not 105.

I feel better now. Thanks again, guys, for letting my gush on and on about my dog. This workout was my tribute to her. Next time I Q Iron Man, I’ll pull out my originally scheduled plan.

YHC, Bundy


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