Old Glory – Q1 2018

Didn’t let a few rain drops stop us from putting in the work on one of my favorite WIBs, Old Glory…

The Thang



Warm up mile

15 minute timer set

After each lap around the parking lot, complete one of the sets below

  • 20 merkins
  • 20 jump squats
  • 20 burpees
  • 20 big boy sit-ups

Cool down mile

Naked Man Moleskin

T-claps to Loveseat and Volunteer who both completed two full circuits in the allotted time.

Bundy, Blackberry, and Super Sally may have gotten in a little extra distance and cardio as they went all the way to Wesley and back.

It was always the intention to start doing Old Glory on a regular basis but we never held to that.  Will plan to start doing it quarterly so everyone can measure the performance and (hopefully) improvement.

Announcements and prayer requests

Bridge Run coming up in February.  Step up if you want to Q it and rally the troops.  We had a great turnout last year for it

Calendar is wide open – need Qs!  Sign up now https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16u8jE_KDbqcG4xEWn5miDDUOTmriLU5qToaZ2mJ-zwo/edit?usp=sharing

CT’s sister-in-law who is expecting any day

Loveseat and Bundy and some potentially stressful days at the office on Thursday

That’s all she wrote,



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